2011 Heritage & 1962 Topps – Reds WS Champs

25 04 2011

There are no Big Red Machine players in either the 1962 Topps set or the 2011 Heritage product.  However, there is one player from the 1990.  Eric Davis was born in 1962, and Topps made a “62 Mint” card with a penny inserted to commemorate this.  I bought this card from eBay for a little over $10.

Of note – Frank Robinson, the 1961 NL MVP for the 1961 NL Champion Redlegs, is featured prominently throughout the Heritage inserts.  I included scans of his cards from the Heritage inserts below.  The first 3 can be had for cheap, though the others would likely all run you in excess of $100.

11H Robinson BFB

11H Robinson Hamilton

11H Robinson Cabrera

11H Robinson Votto CC

11H Robinson CC auto relic

11H Robinson Stanton CC auto relic

11H Robinson Thomas FB Dual Relic

11H Robinson FB auto

11H Robinson Stadium Relic

11H Robinson Stanton Real One dual auto




6 responses

25 04 2011

That Davis card is NICE. I would rather have that than any of the Frank cards.

25 04 2011

Haha. If I got one for free, I’d take one of the autos for sure – for me it’d be the clubhouse collection. I like the yellow with the wood border. Though I’ve never loved Robinson’s signature. But, for value – I’d take the Davis card. For 12 bucks, it’s an Eric Davis card with the 62T wood-grain border and a coin in it!

26 04 2011
Milwaukee Southpaw

I still haven’t seen one of the coin cards in person. What do you think of them now that you have one in your hands?? (looking for your opinion as a theme for an insert set, obviously you must like this card because it is Davis 🙂 )

26 04 2011

I think it’s a pretty cool card in person. I would like to see one with a “more valuable” coin – I bet the silver would go better with the card design & background than the copper does. Also – the coin moves around inside the plastic it’s carried in. Doesn’t bug me much, but might bug someone else. Not sure if that’s just an issue with my card.

Overall, different is usually good, particularly if it’s well-designed. I think this set meets that criteria – I like the coin cards better than your run of the mill jersey patch.

26 04 2011
Milwaukee Southpaw

Oh, and can you please tell your team to call off the dogs?!?!? 19 out of the last 22 versus my Brewers?? Come on!! 🙂

26 04 2011

Too bad we can’t take down the Cardinals.

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