’89 Topps – All-Star Rookie Team, Future Stars and #1 Draft Picks

8 04 2011

Topps All-Star Rookies

Topps again had 10 members on the All-Star Rookie team with the trophy designation on the players’ individual cards.

Future Hall-of-Famer Roberto Alomar was a notable omission – he had 145 hits, stole 24 bases and scored 84 runs.  But Ron Gant hit 19 homers at his position (Gant also played a little 3rd base, but NL RoY Sabo was the clear choice there).  Bryan Harvey (17 SV) and Don August (rookie best 13 wins) were in the argument at RHP, but Belcher was the most deserving.  Paul Gibson was the only card I didn’t pull in opening my boxes and the jumbo packs.

  • LHP – Paul Gibson
  • RHP – Tim Belcher
  • C – Damon Berryhill
  • 1B – Mark Grace
  • 2B – Ron Gant
  • 3B – Chris Sabo
  • SS – Walt Weiss
  • OF – Cecil Espy, Dave Gallagher, Jay Buhner

Future Stars

The Future Stars subset was back for the 2nd year, again with 5 cards.  I pulled all 5 of these cards.  This is a pretty good crop.  Searcy and Harkey were busts, but Sheffield, Jefferies and Alomar Jr. all had great careers.  Alomar Jr., Roberto’s brother, would win the ’90 RoY and was a 6-time All-Star.  Jefferies had over 1500 career hits  and was a 2-time All-Star.  Finally, Sheffield would be a sure-fire Hall-of-Famer if it weren’t for the steroids thing; he ended his career with over 500 home runs, 1600 RBI, 2600 hits and 9 All-Star appearances.

#1 Draft Picks

Topps also had cards from the first 10 draft picks from the first round of the MLB amateur draft.  So a lot of these guys had much earlier rookie cards than they would based on their Major League debut would normally have them do.  Additionally, a few of of these guys had cards in the ’88 Traded sets as part of the USA team subset.  Robin Ventura, Jim Abbott, Andy Benes and Ty Griffin all have cards in both sets.  These cards are left to right in order of draft position – so Benes is 1st, Ventura is 10th (except #7, Will Ansley, which I don’t have yet).  Ventura had won the Dick Howser trophy and the Golden Spikes Award in 1988, while Benes had Baseball America’s Pitcher of the Year Award.  The Ansley and the Abbot are my two favorites out of this subset, and the Avery is solid, too.



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12 11 2011

awesome bro

9 04 2016
1989 Topps Baseball Cards - The Ultimate Guide - Wax Pack Gods

[…] and Ty Griffin (#713) years before they turned into the superstars they were destined to be. That none of the 10 subsequently put together a Hall-of-Fame career doesn’t diminish Topps’ efforts on this […]

17 03 2020
Matthew Lee Rosen

Just searched and found this page after painting my Sheffield Future Stars card… Sheff produced more Wins Above Replacement (60.5) than all of them combined (37.6)

11 04 2020

Haha! Great point! Sheffield won all 3 legs of the triple crown at one point in his career, though obviously never in the same year.

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