1989 Topps Cards – Big Red Machine

6 04 2011

In the 1989 set, we’re down to just 2 managers left for The Big Red Machine.  For whatever reason, Topps did not include Ken Griffey Sr. in the ’89 base set, though they would put him in the Traded set that year and in the ’90 & ’91 sets.  Dave Concepcion was not in the Reds plans for the 1989 season; he received an invite to the California Angels Spring Training but did not make the team.  Concepcion retired having played his entire career for the Reds.  He’s still waiting for the Hall of Fame to call.  I’m biased, so I hope he gets in someday, but it’s by no means an egregious snub.  His number has been retired by the Reds, which is a fitting tribute for a guy who was a truly great defensive shortstop.

So we’re down to just the manager cards for Pete Rose and Sparky Anderson.  This would be Rose’s last Topps card after his lifetime ban, though Sparky and Griffey would have a few more years left with Topps cards.

By the way – for a great post on Concepcion’s stint with the Angels and a custom ’89 Topps card of Davey with the Halos , check out the Writer’s Journey.



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6 04 2011
7 04 2011

Haha – yeah, I can’t believe I didn’t pull that one!

I updated my post to reference that page, I think it’s appropo.

28 07 2014
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