1988 Topps – more scans of awesomeness!

20 03 2011

I’ve done my standard “Reds World Series” scans and scans of the ASR / Future Stars subset cards, so this is the post with the rest of the cool cards from the set (or the ones I have thus far, anyways).

I’m going to start off with an “All-Star” post.  The 1988 All-Star game was played at Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati.  My dad had season tickets, and I still remember attending the game.  We also recorded it on or VHS, and I watched Al Michaels’ call numerous times thereafter.  The opening at bat was Doc Gooden against Rickey Henderson – foreshadowing a potential Subway Series that never happened.  I remember Chris Sabo (aka “Spudz”) pinch-running and touching home plate after a foul ball – and thinking it was funny that the fans all cheered for the hometown rookie even though he just had to go back to first base!

The cards below represent the 9 players in each league who made up the starting lineup of the 1988 All-Star starting lineup.  I’m still missing Rickey from the AL and Will Clark from the NL.  I included Trammell and Ripken because this was the one year Ripken didn’t get voted in as the starter.  But Trammell was injured, and Ripken’s All-Star starting streak was kept alive.  Ozzie Smith was the top NL vote getter – Canseco was the top overall. I remember the topic of Canseco’s pre-game interview was whether or not he could become the first 40-40 man in ML history.  Hew would earn that distinction and the ’88 league MVP.

This set is awesome – and I really love this year’s record breaker set.  Every single record breaker card was a good record, which is saying something compared to most sets.  Coleman was in his 2nd RB card in 3 years – this one for being the first player with 3 consecutive 100-SB seasons.  The Mattingly card (featuring the other guy with 3 100-steal seasons) honored his 6 Grand Slams in one season.  Both Rookies of the Year had broken rookie records – McGwire obliterated the rookie home run record and Benito Santiago broke the record for the rookie hitting streak.  Nolan Ryan was noted for his 11th 200-K season, and the Niekro brother hurlers broke the record for most wins held by the Perry brothers.  Finally, the Murray card is tremendous – he had become the first player with consecutive games with homers on both sides of the plate.

The LaSorda golf-cart card below is also tremendous.  Here’s a few guys from the ’88 World Series matchup.  All cards I love.  Except LaRussa.  There is nothing to love about Tony Liar-ussa.  He is scum.

Below is #1 and #3 on the all-time strikeout list.

Here are some rookies and/or 2nd year cards.  Jamie Moyer – the only guy in this set still active in 2010.  I don’t remember this Maddux card, but I like the picture on this one and the Benito, too.  The Glavine RC is the most notable of the set.

Speaking of some more young stars – how great were these two Team Leaders cards back in 1988?!?  All 4 guys in their 3rd year or 2nd full year, they’d go on to lead their teams to numerous playoff appearances, but ultimately only 1 WS title.

Finally, here are some of the better cards in the set I haven’t covered yet.  Love the Bo Jackson card – though to me it doesn’t beat his ’87 Future Stars card.  I don’t think I’d scanned a Whitaker card yet, and I really like this one.  The dust is still settling on the Ed Hearn play at the plate, and the Brett/Mattingly/Puckett cards were 3 cards I probably put a lot of wear on playing with as a kid.




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21 03 2011

Now you just need to track down the error version of the McGwire Record Breaker! (it has a small white triangle by his left foot)

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