1988 Topps – All-Star Rookie Team and Future Stars

16 03 2011

Topps put designation for the All-Star Rookie Team on its cards again for the 2nd straight year in 1988 after a hiatus since 1978. Topps went back to 10 team members this year after having 4 outfielders they went back to a pitcher from each side and one position for each player.  Benito Santiago was a notable omission – he was the NL Rookie of the Year who set a Rookie record with a 34-game hitting streak.  He was a valid omission at catcher, however, as Matt Nokes had a phenomenal year at backstop and was the runner-up for the AL award.  Nokes was the only card I didn’t pull in opening my 2 boxes.

  • LHP – Jeff Musselman
  • RHP – Mike Dunne
  • C – Matt Nokes
  • 1B – Mark McGwire
  • 2B – Casey Candaele
  • 3B – Kevin Seitzer
  • SS – Al Pedrique
  • OF – Mike Greenwell, Ellis Burks, Devon White

The Future Stars subset was back for the 2nd year, this time with 5 cards instead of 6.  I did get all 5 of these cards.  The Al Leiter card is an interesting “variation card” – Topps initially put pitcher Steve George on the card and later fixed the error.  Leiter was the only player Topps got right here as far as being a “future star” – they did much better the previous year.  The Writer’s Journey does a great job writing this up in more detail, so I won’t try here.



3 responses

16 03 2011

Casey Candaele!

Oh, yes, Joey Meyer. The destitute man’s Rob Deer.

19 12 2011

I guess it was easier for Topps to label Jose Lind as a “Future Star” instead of what he eventually became – “Future guy to be arrested while not wearing any pants in his car.”

19 12 2011

I think they intended to, but then realized it didn’t fit as well as “Future Star”

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