1988 Topps wax box break

10 03 2011

I bought my 1988 Topps wax box from Dave and Adam’s Card World – one of two online sites where I’ve purchased many of my boxes for this collection.  Since the 1988 set was my favorite memory of baseball cards when I was younger – I  also bought a cello box.  I’ll cover that box break in my next post.

The most notable card from this set is the Glavine rookie – which I did get from this box.  I also got the McGwire and Eddie Murray record-breaker cards, which are the other recognizable cards from this set.  I didn’t get the Matt Williams RC, but would pull that later in the cello box.

In 1987, Topps had gone up to 17 cards per pack (and raised the price) – this year they maintained the same price and lowered to 15 cards.  The collation was about the same as last year – I had ~50 less cards toward the set, which seems about the same since I had 72 less cards from this box.  Unlike most previous years, the gum usually did not leave a stain on the card backs, so I was only left with 1 card per pack that was “not repairable”.  Net result – only 1 less “keepable” card per pack for this box compared to the prior year.  As always – the numbers below don’t include the damaged cards (since if I’d busted these in 1987 they wouldn’t have been damaged).

Stats for the box:

36 packs per box * 15 cards per pack = 540 cards

113 doubles

427 of the 792 card set. (53.9% set completion)

36 “Spring Fever” game cards



2 responses

10 03 2011

Let me know as soon as you have your wantlist put together. I went through and put this set together not long ago and have a ton of doubles. I’m still missing a couple of cards myself, #279 Randy St. Claire and the Keith Comstock variation, if you happen to have an extra of either.

10 03 2011
Chris Mays

I’ll try and check out your want list soon as well. (Dumbest purchase ever — I once bought a vending CASE of 1988 Topps.) Work is a bear but I’ll try to get to it soon because I would love to unload some of these 88s!!!!!

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