Sparkly trade with Off the Wall Cards

25 02 2011

Last week I got 3 Diamond Platinum cards in a trade with Shane from Off the Wall Cards.  What did I send in return?  We swapped sparklies.  I sent Shane a Lester for the 3 diamonds below.  I’ll pick up the Lester again at some later date, right now giving up 1 to get 3 is certainly worthwhile.  And it’s good to add another person to my trade-counter on the side!

Thanks Shane!

I also bought a decent lot of diamond platinum cards from ebay – the seller was starting individual cards at 39 cents and combining shipping for however many you won at 2 bucks total. All told, I purchased around 40 for about 30 bucks including shipping – so a pretty good deal. I picked up 8 Reds cards in this purchase – here’s the best of the lot, including the best card in the whole set – Jay Bruce walking off with the NL Central Crown.




One response

28 02 2011

Thanks again for trade!!! Never can go wrong getting 3 for 1!! Posting the other end of the trade on the blog today. Hope to trade again!

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