1987 Topps Glossy sets

23 02 2011

Topps again issued multiple Glossy sets in conjunction with its base set in 1987.  This time, Topps added a third set to the fold – the Glossy Rookies set.

All-Star Glossy

Back for the 5th year, this 22-card set commemorating the 1986 All-Star game was inserted 1 per rack pack. The set depict the manager, 9 starters, and a 2nd pitcher, which replaces the team picture from the year before and the Honorary Captains from the years before that. Of note – Charlie Gehringer and Rusty Staub served as team captains in 1986.

11 Hall of Famers:     W. Herzog, R. Sandberg, M. Schmidt, O. Smith, T. Gwynn, G. Carter, W. Boggs, C. Ripken, R. Henderson, D. Winfield, K. Puckett (up from 10 from the previous year)

Glossy All-Stars and Hot Prospects

The send-in set was again 60-cards, called “All-Stars and Hot Prospects”. This time collectors could obtain it in 6 different 10-card portions by sending in 6 of the “Spring Fever Baseball Game” cards that came 1 per wax pack. The players were generally either previous years’ All-Stars and up-and-coming prospects who’d had break out 1986 campaigns.

11 Hall of Famers:     T. Gwynn, G. Carter, E. Murray, W. Boggs, R. Henderson, O. Smith, M. Schmidt, G. Brett, C. Ripken, R. Jackson, K. Puckett (down from 18 from the ’86 set)

Barry Bonds is another notable card from this set in the same year as his rookie card from the base set.

Pete Rose is the lone Big Red Machine member in this set, and Eric Davis represents for the 1990 Reds WS Champs. Dave Parker was the one other Red in the set.

Glossy Rookies

In its initial year, the Rookies 22-card set came 1 per 101-card jumbo pack.  The set depicts some of the best rookies from the 1986 season. All 11 members of the Topps All-Star rookie team are included in this set.  Jose Canseco is and was the headliner from this set, and college teammates Will Clark and Rafael Palmeiro are also in this set.  Noticeably missing is Bonds, who was 6th in the 1986 rookie of the year voting and led NL rookies in home runs and stolen bases.

I bought all of these sets on eBay. The Rookies set was the hardest to find – I paid 10 bucks counting shipping for this set.  The other two sets cost me a couple bucks each plus shipping.



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