1987 Topps scans

20 02 2011

I’ve done scans of the All-Star Rookies, Future Stars and members of the Reds World Series, so I still need to do scans of the rest of the set. I’ll start off with some interesting cards.  I remember this Tracy Jones card from this set – Tracy has done the Reds post-game show for 700 WLW for a number of years now. This Tony Pena card is a great shot for a set that is kind of in the medium as far as photography goes.  And Billy Beane – I think this may be his RC (scratch that – subsequent research shows it’s his first Topps card at least). At one time Beane was a first round pick for the Mets, going in the same round for the same team as Darryl Strawberry.  I also threw in a few 3,000-hit club members – at varying stages in their career at this point. The Gwynn card is an example of some of the poorer photography in this set.

1987 Topps is known for some solid rookies – in particular, it’s known for rookie / early cards of these guys. What do they have in common? They all played in the 1990 MLB playoffs!  Haha!  The Reds own you! Feel the own-age! (shamelessly stolen from a PS3 commercial)

Mt. Rushmore of the Steroid Era

Mt. Rushmore of the Steroid Era

Here’s a couple other rookies – 2 guys whose first stop on the Hall of Fame ballot was a year ago.

I don’t yet have all the RC’s from this set – here’s a couple more. Clark’s “Thunder and Lightning” teammate from Mississippi State – Rafael Palmeiro (who could be the 5th card in the Rushmore scan above – but he didn’t appear in the 90 playoffs, so no dice!!!!) was in a previous post as a part of the Future Stars subset.

Also, as I mentioned in a previous post – this is the first card of a player still active last year. Supposedly Moyer is out for the year with an injury but hoping to return in 2012. I think if he played in 2013 he’d be a 50-year old playing MLB. In other words, I still have 20 years to get my act together.

Here’s some other notable cards. My standard Rickey Henderson post, his teammate Don Mattingly, and … drumroll … Henderson and Mattingly together on one card. After that, 2 Hall-of-Famers wrapping up their respective 300-win and 500-HR careers, while Nolan Ryan, well, he still had nearly a decade left in him at the time of this photo.

The Wills card is interesting because it isn’t a real 1962 Topps card. Wills was the National League and All-Star game MVP in 1962, after breaking Ty Cobb’s single season record for steals. And if you’d have told me that Yogi Berra coached for the Astros – I certainly wouldn’t have known that – but here is proof!

And, last but actually first – the #1 card of this set was the Rocket’s record-breaking performance, becoming the first pitcher to strike out 20 in a 9-inning game. I just got this card via trade, which I’ll post about early next week.



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