1987 Topps Cards – Big Red Machine

17 02 2011

Tony Perez and George Foster both had their last Topps Card in 1986. Despite the fact that both guys played in the 1986 season (and Foster actually played for both the Mets and the White Sox), neither got a card in the 1987 set. So the Big Red Machine was down to just Sparky as the Tigers manager – who also made an appearance on the Team Leaders card, Dave Concepcion – platoon at SS for the Reds with rookie Kurt Stillwell, Ken Griffey – for the Braves, and Pete Rose, who had his last player card, a manager card, and was on the Reds Team Leaders card as well. My personal favorite is the Concepcion card – that’s a pretty good photo of a tag just made (that’s two Reds World Series Champion members in that shot BTW).



3 responses

18 02 2011

Found this blog after you left a comment on mine…I will be getting to the ’87 set eventually.

18 02 2011

Oh and I added a link to this blog

18 02 2011

Cool – thanks! Great site by the way – I love the idea. I may try something similar (though not quite as detailed) when I get to the end of completing this project.

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