1987 Topps wax box break

11 02 2011


The 1987 Topps box was the first box I bought in this project/quest/journal. I started collecting again in mid-2009, mostly Upper Deck like I’d collected in the past. But in February of last year, Upper Deck’s MLB license had expired and, though I was still looking forward to their unlicensed set, it was starting to look like they may not produce too many more baseball cards. Around then I started getting the idea to collect every Topps set since 1980.

I was working in Cincinnati last winter, and at lunch one day went to a card shop that was close by to my client. They had a 1987 box for around 12 bucks or so, so I bought it and opened a quarter of the box that night. It was great going through the wood-grain set that was the first I’d collected growing up. But then, I thought about it, and decided I really wanted to do the project chronologically. Through some serious acts of will, I held off opening the other 3 stacks of the box for nearly a year, and some 15 or so boxes later, I came back to finish the job.

The most valuable card is the Bonds rookie, and I got two of these in this box. I also got a McGwire and a Canseco, but didn’t get the Bo Jackson or Rafael Palmeiro “Future Stars” RC’s. I also got the Nolan Ryan, Pete Rose, Reggie Jackson and my two personal favorites – Rickey Henderson and Eric Davis.

The collation was much worse than 1986 – even though there were 2 more cards per pack, I got about 40 less singles toward completing the set, which comes out to about 110 more doubles.  Part of this was that 1986 had really good collation.  The damaged cards count was better, but only because 1986 was so bad.  2 cards per pack were not salvageable – one due to wax damage on the back (I wish they’d have put the fronts toward the wax – that’s fixable!), and another due to gum damage.  As always – the numbers below don’t include the damaged cards (since if I’d busted these in 1987 they wouldn’t have been damaged).

Stats for the box:

36 packs per box * 17 cards per pack = 612 cards

138 doubles

474 of the 792 card set. (59.8% set completion)

36 “Spring Fever” game cards



One response

11 02 2011

i was actually just looking at my binder with this set yesterday! great walk down memory lane looking at the wood frame and reading those names, right?

feel free to check out my blog – i’ve just “re-started” collecting myself!

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