Red Hot Strasburg and a baseball card mystery

29 12 2010

Strasmus came a bit late this year. Actually, it may have been a bit early. I’m not sure. I was in Ohio last week visiting family, and I came back to a couple of things in Northern New Jersey:

1) Snow. 24 inches of snow. I’ve never had to shovel quite so much snow. We have gotten close to this much in Ohio in past years, but not quite 2 feet. And I was always home when this happened so I could do some shoveling while there. Unfortunately, we got back Monday night and it took 2 hours just to create a “corridor” where we could get my wife’s car, which we’d driven to Ohio, into the garage. My car is still snowed in, which means I “was forced” to work from home Tuesday 🙂

2) Steven Strasburg Red Hot Rookie Redemption. I wrote a while back how it was silly that this card would take until May to receive, well, at least Topps under-promised. 6 weeks is a bit much for a card not autographed or anything, but it really isn’t that bad. It is ironic, however, that Strasburg seems to be anything but “Red Hot” currently…

3) Mystery Box. I also had a mystery box waiting in the mail from a fellow collector. I have no idea what allowed me to receive such a thing! Now, I must admit that I had purchased quite a few lots on eBay over the past 2 weeks – more than my usual. I bought a few Jalen Rose cards (my player collection) and a bunch of the Topps All-Star glossy sets. And I have a trade in the works. So it’s possible I have missed some mail. But I got a package from a certain “Ted A” in Southington, CT containing a number of cards from my wantlist. And by a number, I mean a 330-card box filled pretty full (given that card stock is thicker than their card amounts; I’d estimate there are 200 or so cards).

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely excited about this and have already updated my wantlist on the blog and on my spreadsheet (I haven’t found a great way to track this with one update). But I’m a bit worried. Did I miss out on a trade? Am I being a bad card-blogger and forgetting to send cards to someone else? I checked my emails – I have a pending trade out there but not from Ted in Connecticut. I looked up all previous trades, and this isn’t someone who I’d traded with previously who is sending me some generous holiday gifts as I get further along in my quest.

So, first, I’d like to give proper thanks from Ted A in Southington for (what I think is) his completely unsolicited generosity! Unless of course I somehow missed out on a trade, in which case, oops! Either way, I’m asking for help with this mystery. Is Ted out there? Does Ted have a blog? Is there a way I can repay such kindness with a few doubles of my own? Here’s a small sampling of what I got…



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29 12 2010

I find it funny that all the Strasburg Red Hot’s were mailed Certified as well not being autographed but I guess at Topps headquarters everyone is still suffering from Strasmania.

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