1985 Topps scans

23 12 2010

For my scans of this set, I’m not going to start out with the “most famous cards” from the set (they are the 3rd scan down). Though 85 Topps has 3 pretty iconic rookie cards. What I will start off with is a full scan of the Record Breakers subset. Why, you ask? Two reasons. First – I got all of them in the wax and vending boxes. Second – I think these are some pretty good records – not “throwing the most guys out in the AS game”, but 1984 actually produced some honest-to-goodness records!

  • You have a not-quite-so-young Carlton Fisk breaking the record for most innings caught in a game. Coincidentally, this game was also interesting because it spanned 2 days, Tom Seaver won the game in relief on the 2nd day, and then won the 2nd game that day to win 2 games on the same day (all as he chased 300 victories that year).
  • Steve Garvey set the record for the most consecutive games without an error at First Base. A decent record, particularly if you consider how often first baseman handle the ball.
  • Gooden – rookie strikeout record. Also a pretty big record.
  • Cliff Johnson – most pinch hit homers. Possibly the least important record here (in my humble opinion), but not that bad of a record in and of itself.
  • Joe Morgan – most homers as a 2nd baseman. Catching up with the work his teammate Johnny Bench did a few years earlier – setting the position homer mark. Passing Rogers Hornsby. Many people assume Hornsby is the greatest 2nd-sacker of all-time. They would be wrong.
  • Pete Rose breaks Ty Cobb’s record – a year early from the big kahuna, the hits record, but the all-time singles record? I’d say that’s a pretty big deal as well.
  • Nolan Ryan re-passes Steve Carlton for the K record. Yeah, that’s a big deal. Good thing Ryan waited another decade to hang up his spikes, and essentially put the K record out of reach.
  • Juan Samuel breaks Tim Raines 3-year old rookie record for SB’s. Probably the 2nd worst on this list, but again, a pretty interesting record.
  • After that, another guy who knows about setting a few records. Here are my obligatory Rickey scans – unlike earlier years, just one subset for the Man of Steal.

    As promised, here are the most recognizable / valuable cards of this set. Funny how all 3 of these guys faced a significant fall from grace after their playing career was over.

    The also-ran Rookie Cards from this set. I must say, this is actually a pretty impressive list. Here’s some career highlights from these guys – not quite the accolades of the (2/3rd) steroid induced guys from above, but impressive to say the least.

    • Gooden won a RoY, a Cy Young as part of one of the most dominant seasons of my lifetime, and pitched a no-hitter.
    • Saberhagen won 2 Cy Youngs’
    • Orel Hershiser won a Cy Young and broke a cherished record in the same year – most consecutive scoreless innings. He did it in very dramatic fashion at the end of the season, too, but I’ll get to that in my 1988 posts. He also won the World Series MVP that year.
    • Jose Rijo – while he never won a Cy – he was one of the best pitchers in baseball for about 5 years, and he did win the 1990 WS MVP for my Cincinnati Reds.
    • Joe Carter (I think this is technically not a RC, but is his first Topps card). Hit one of 2 walk-off, series clinching home runs in history. Was one of the better players in baseball for over a decade – from 1986 to 1996 he averaged 30 Homers, no small feat for that time frame.
    • Neither Gubicza nor Cory Snider had great careers, but they did have some pretty good seasons.

    Eric Davis gets his own write-up. Davis was about 15 homers shy of being in 300-300 club along with Mays, Bonds, Dawson, and Bonds. He is also, along with Rickey, one of 2 players with 25+ homers and 80 steals in the same year. He was a truly great talent who never quite lived up to everything hoped for him, but somehow managed to still be a fan favorite in the cities he played in. I think his game 4 injury in the ’90 WS may have hindered him, but he was and still is one of my all-time favorite players. Growing up in Cincinnati – this card was like the holy grail it seemed. Maybe it was just because of my age – but this seemed like the hardest card to get your hands on! It was probably overpriced in the Cincy markets, and since I didn’t start collecting until 1987, this set seemed a little bit vintage, and thus an untouchable card in any of my friends’ sets. Aside from the 1980 Rickey card, this is definitely my favorite card to date from the sets I’ve opened so far.

    Here’s some younger guys from the 85 set. Love the Strawberry based card, by the way – that’s a great shot of him early in his career. When, like his friend Davis, the Hall of Fame seemed like his destiny. I could not have told you that HoJo played for the 84 WS champs. 2 WS rings in 3 years, both for different teams – not bad!

    Some pretty good players from the 85 Topps set. The Hernandez card is on the front of the 85 Topps wax box.

    Here’s some of the manager cards from the set. LaRussa, Torre and Cox will all be in the Hall someday soon. I also wanted to include some father-son cards – the younger Boone and Bell would both be managers someday as well.

    Here’s some good (i.e. funny) shots. Not sure what Carew is doing there, and not sure what those glasses Gwynn is wearing are! Boddicker’s smile gives away how ham-handed this pose is, and the last 2 guys are taking the phrase “choke-up” to another level.

    And finally, along the lines of funny, they sure don’t make glasses like they used to…




    4 responses

    23 12 2010

    I know what you mean about the ’85 Davis…I think I had one in pretty bad shape, and even that cost me a pretty penny. Now I have at least 4 or 5 of the cards, including one that I just got autographed a couple weeks ago.

    25 12 2010

    I honestly don’t know if I owned one when I was younger. It just seemed sort of untouchable. Strange, because ED was my favorite player!

    24 12 2010

    That Puckett rookie is one my favorite cards from my childhood… it’s up there with my 1983 OPC & Topps Gwynns. This set was really fun to build as a teenager… I still have it in a binder at my parents’ house.

    25 12 2010

    Funny how he is the only HOF-er out of those 3.

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