1985 Topps Cards – Big Red Machine

21 12 2010

Johnny Bench and Cesar Geronimo went by the wayside the year before, and this is Joe Morgan’s LTC. So I’m coming down to the end of this run. Happily, though, we have 2 Big Red returnees, for a total of 3 guys sporting a Reds uniform. This is great – because last year’s set had 3 BRM-ers sporting Phillies uniforms, and that just isn’t right! (NL pennant notwithstanding)

We’re down to 2 “subset cards” after it seemed like all the Big Red Machine guys had subset cards in previous years. Interesting – Rose is pictured here with the Reds, but he broke the record for most singles while a member of the Expos.



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21 08 2013
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