1985 Topps vending box

20 12 2010

I had average collation from the wax box, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much the vending box helped in gearing toward completing the 1985 set. I got an astounding 275 more base cards that I hadn’t pulled in my wax box break. All told, I pulled 672 of the 792 singles, or 85%, toward finishing the set. This is 110 more cards toward set completion than I got from the 1984 boxes, so I did very well for this year!

I did get the Mattingly 2nd year card that I didn’t get in the wax box, and 1 more Puckett RC. No more McGwire or Clemens RCs, though, so I’d say the vending box didn’t “make me back my money” (which I don’t really care much about anyways). The only card of note that I didn’t pull between these 2 boxes was the Nolan Ryan base.

As usual, I’ll post some pictures in a later post.



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