1985 Topps wax box break

18 12 2010

As mentioned in the last post, I got my 1985 wax box from ebay – this seemed far cheaper than some of the online card shops, so for $54 plus shipping, I got a pretty decent deal. I pulled all 3 key Rookies – McGwire, Clemens, and 2 Pucketts. By far, the best I did in any box as far as getting the key Rookie Cards. I didn’t get the 2nd year of Mattingly or the Nolan Ryan, but did get the Cal Ripken base card.

The collation was much better than the year before, which was the worst box I opened. It was still worse than 1983 and 1980 – which were my two best boxes as far as collation – and was about in-line with 1980 and 1981. I had ~90 doubles and more out of the 540 cards – compared to ~175 from the year before. Factoring in that I got the “big 3”, I’d say that’s good improvement.

Here’s where 1984 was worse than the year before – Topps switched back to packaging the cards so that the wax opening was touching the back of the top card. I can’t rub the wax off the cardboard back, just like 2 years ago in 1983, so basically 2 cards per pack were not salvageable. In 1984, there were very few cards that weren’t salvageable, because the wax was facing the front of the card and I was able to get the wax off, and because gum stains were mostly non-existent. Compared to about 5 cards from the 1984 box, I had 72 non-savlageable cards in this box, 52 of which were singles. Overall, I still got more singles total out of this box, and much better than the initial results I’m seeing in the 1986 wax box.

Stats for the box:

36 packs per box * 15 cards per pack = 540 cards

70 doubles, 18 triples, 3 quads+

449 of the 792 card set. (56.7% set completion)

36 “Winning Pitch” game cards



One response

19 12 2010

Congrats on pulling the McGwire, Clemens, and 2 Pucketts… I really like this set. I built it a long time ago when McGwire was still popular. Spent a lot more than $54 per box, back in the day.

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