Trades & the “Local” Card Shop

27 11 2010

Over the past week, I’ve completed 3 trades. This increases the number of bloggers I’ve traded with by 150%! I’ve now made trades with 5 bloggers (Chris at Maddux/Glavine/Smoltz has sent me cards twice). Trading is great – it lessens the cards in my “doubles” boxes, and I get to cross some cards off the wantlist. I have more cards at my parents’ house, so someday in the (probably distant) future (since I now live 10 hours from Cincy not 2), I can look through some more boxes of cards. I’ve added links to any blogs that I’ve traded with to the right side of my blog. I’m at 5 and counting…

Adam at Thoughts and Sox sent me some newer cards – some 2010 Topps and some various cards from my Upper Deck wantlists. To hold up my end of the bargain, I dug through a bunch of doubles boxes I have from my previous collecting habits to dig up an assortment of various Red Sox cards, mostly from 1990-95, and maybe some 06-08 Upper Deck stuff if I remember correctly.

I did the same thing for Mariners cards to trade to Larry from Emerald City Diamond Gems. I only had 1 Griffey card in my current boxes – I’m guessing I pulled those cards out separately back in the day**. I also sent him the Tony Gwynn 2010 Topps base SP variation. Larry sent me a lot of Upper Deck wantlist cards, and a BIG chunk of 81 Topps cards.

Finally, I swapped some 1984 Topps cards with Chronicles of Fuji. This got my ’84 set up to a 85% complete, which is a great offset to the poor collation from those boxes.

Also, I’ve gone to a nearby card shop in Midland Park, NJ a couple of times. The store is called Baseball Card Store Inc. Most recently, I went to buy a bunch of supplies, and ended up getting a ’10 Topps Update HTA jumbo pack and a Mike Schmidt ’80 Topps card for a couple bucks. They’ve gone a little insert crazy – out of 50 cards, I had 9 insert cards. Including 1 Million Card Giveaway, and a Randy Wells autograph. I guess an auto is a good thing, right?

Here’s the card I got from the site (hopefully I don’t pull that card when I buy my 2001 box):

**For those who read an early post of my blog – I am a huge Griffey fan. Other than Jalen Rose, Junior is probably my favorite sports figure. My wife and I have a 1-year old dog named Griffey. I used to have a girl dog named Rose. After Jalen, not Creepy Peter Edward. I was told by my wife that it would not be appropriate to name any children after either of these people. Not even a middle name.




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28 11 2010

Glad we were able to help each other out… thanks for the trade!

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