Go check out the “Topps 300”!!!

15 11 2010

Inspired by the Topps 60 contest Topps is doing to promote the release of its 2011 set, JB Anama, who runs the sports card blogroll, is doing a Topps 300 compilation. 5 cards from each set over 60 years equals – 300 Topps cards. For now, he’s picked his 5 cards and shown scans of them for everyone and anyone to comment on. I’ve started to take a look, doing a few years here or there. But I encourage anyone to go over to that site to check it out – JayBee clearly spent a lot of time on this, and it’s a fun trip down memory lane.

I’m imagining this would take an incredible amount of work – so I encourage anyone to give feedback at his site. I think this is a cool idea, and the blogging community will likely get it more correct than Topps will. Case in point – Topps doesn’t have the 1990 Frank Thomas – which is a pretty famous card because of the version where there is a NNOF error – that’s not in the top 100, but in my opinion should probably be in the top 50.

Oh, and for my money, the 2 cards above are the most iconic Topps cards of all-time.




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