1983 Topps Michigan Test Packs

29 10 2010

As I described in an earlier post, Topps tried a test in 1983 of putting their cards in “tamper-evident” packs made of cellophane as opposed to wax. This is definitely something I wasn’t aware of in the past. It’s pretty forward thinking – except for the fact they didn’t produce it nationally later. I bought one pack from BBXC, just to see what it was like, and I think it’s actually better even than Upper Deck’s packs in 1989 seemed to be. It’s basically about as good as the packs that card companies were making in 1993.

The packs did come with a stick of gum and the “Winning Lineup” game card, so they were basically the exact same thing as the wax packs except for the packaging. Also, out of the 15 cards I got, none of them were stained by the gum, and obviously none were stained by wax! I know the Michigan test generally can be had for about 10 or 2o bucks more than the wax box; from my experience that would mean you’d get  up to 72 non-damaged cards that were damaged in the wax pack. That’s definitely worth it in my mind, for all of those out you pondering buying and opening a 1983 Topps box!

Now, unfortunately, out of the 15 cards, I only got 2 new cards, in other words 13 doubles.  But, for $4 for the pack, it was worth it to see what this was about.




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