1983 Topps cards – Big Red Machine

27 10 2010

I didn’t get Geronimo or Bench regular card, or the Concepcion All-Star card (which commemorates the year he won the AS MVP, in his 9th straight All-Star appearance.

Yet again, these guys are popular subset options. Concepcion and Bench are the only guys still on the Reds, though Perez, Rose and Griffey would all come back to the team later.

Also, Concepcion was an All-Star and was thus featured in the Topps Glossy send-in set:



2 responses

27 10 2010

My son pulled that glossy Concepcion from a re-pack last year, and I tried for months to get him to trade it. I’ve taught him well. 🙂

27 10 2010

Concepcion is so under-appreciated. I wonder if Larkin hadn’t turned up, or if he’d played a little later, would he have played longer. His numbers were starting to downturn, but I think Vizquel will eventually be a HOF-er, and he really is pretty comparable. Vizquel is better, but not that much!

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