1983 Topps vending box break

26 10 2010

I’m surprised, but I might actually be able to say I’m more disappointed with the 1983 vending box than the ’82 one. I didn’t get the Ripken RC in the ’82 one, which is probably the biggest RC in this 30 year project. However, I had good collation with that one (though the wax box for that year was pretty bad for that). Well, this year it’s the opposite. Good collation in the wax box, awful collation in the vending box. I didn’t get a Tony Gwynn RC, which was the one of the big 3 that I didn’t get in the wax box. I did however, pull 2 MORE Ryno RC’s, so I now have 3 extras. Anyone have an extra Gwynn for trade?

Anyways, one thing that is completely random is how the 2 boxes (wax & vending) cross over each other, and I just didn’t do well here. Some of that has to do with how good the wax box was, but I only got 84 new cards out of the 500 card vending box. I guess I view it as interesting more than anything – in hindsight, I don’t know if I’d do the vending boxes. Actually, if I was completely cost conscious on this, I would do the vending but not the wax. About the same # of cards, the collation has been about the same (I think if I did the math, I have around 250 doubles each if I add up the doubles in vending boxes from 80-83, and the wax total is within 10 of that). But the premise of what I’m doing is to buy wax packs / boxes, so I’m definitely sticking with the wax.

This “500 card box” had 524 cards. As before, numbers below don’t include the wax box. Also, as I alluded to above, this year the wax box actually gave me a closer chance to complete the set than the vending box, which was a complete reversal of last year and ’81:

113 doubles, 0 triples

376 of the 792 card set. (47.5% set completion)

I’ve now not gotten the Raines RC in ’81 and the Ripken RC in ’82 and the Gwynn RC in ’83 – so my luck isn’t so great! I guess that’s supposed to be some of the fun.

The crossover between the wax and vending boxes was again terrible this year. I’m 188 cards short out of the 792 after opening both boxes. What I should expect – and in some ways it will be fun collecting the rest of the set (just wish it was a few less to put together!). As usual, I’ll post some pictures in a later post this week.



2 responses

26 10 2010

If you come up with an extra Dale Murphy out of that box of 83 Topps, I would be willing to make you a trade for it.

27 10 2010

I’ve got that and an ’80 Murphy card from the ’83 set. I’ve also probably got a decent number of cards from the rest of your wantlist on your blog. I’ll comment to you there, but sounds like we could do some trading.

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