1983 Topps wax box break

25 10 2010


I finished my 1983 wax box break a little while ago, just now posting it. I bought this box on eBay, it ran right around a hundred bucks. I pulled 2 out of 3 of the key Rookies – Boggs and Sandberg, but no Gwynn. No Ripken 2nd year card either, but I did get a good portion of the HOF-ers in the set.  Given the fact that I missed the Ripken RC in last year’s set, I’ll say that’s not half bad. Collation was significantly better in this box compared to 1982. I had a total of 20 doubles out of 540 cards in the box. This compares to 119 duplicates last year. Considering that both sets had 792 cards, that’s a significant improvement!

By the way – I love the Ripken card, don’t remember it at all from when I was younger, but it’s a great pic! I liked their old unis, and its a great action shot.

One bad thing had to do with how Topps packaged the cards. In the past, they were stacked the way I would put them in a box – with the cards all facing the same direction – toward the back of the wax pack, where you would pull it open. So the first card in a pack always had a wax stain on the front on the picture, and the last card had a gum stain on the back. The gum stains weren’t fixable, but the wax marks were most of the time.

But for the ’83 set, they had the backs of the cards sticking out on both sides. So the gum stain was still on the back, but the wax stain was now on the back of a card, too. And I’m not able to remove it. So as opposed to 1 ruined card per pack – I have 2 in this set. So much better collation, offset a little bit by more non-salvageable cards. Stats below:

36 packs per box * 15 cards per pack = 540 cards

20 doubles

520 of the 792 card set. (65.7% set completion)

36 “Winning Line-up” Scratch-off cards

71 singles were ruined (and 1 double – so there’s your 2 cards per pack), so I really only completed ~57% of the set from this box. Still better than last year, but I can’t wait until the gum issue goes away! I haven’t had a real valuable card with a stain yet, so I guess that’s good.

I’ve opened the vending box as well, so I’m updating my checklist of cards for the ’83 set now – including that break. I’ll do a post later about the vending box.

I’m also updating my 2010 Topps completion; as mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve opened these cards but will do all my overviews in order.



2 responses

26 10 2010

This is my favorite set from the 80’s… love the design… and love the rookies. Good luck on the completion of your set.

26 10 2010

Thanks – yeah, it’s a good design, and the photography is head and shoulders above the Topps sets prior to it. Almost all action shots.

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