Other redemption – Series 2 (accompanied by a soapbox rant)

20 10 2010

Aside from the Million Card Giveaways – I pulled a redemption card in Series 2:

That would be Rookie Redemption #8. Looking that up, that would be…


According to the redemption on-line, Strasmus will come late this year. In fact, it will arrive at my household around May 2011. Seriously? Ummm…. Won’t the term “Rookie” be kind of incorrect for these 10 players by that point? I’m pumped I pulled the “key” card from this set, but any excitement pretty much gets dampened as soon as I saw that.

What kind of business model allows for a company to ship a product to its customer 7 months after purchase? Actually, this really came out two months earlier, so it’s really 9 months. And that puts Topps right in the same category as the stork. Difference is, newly pregnant couples need that 9 months to prepare for a baby, but by the time this ships – if it doesn’t somehow get lost in the shuffle – I’ll have forgotten it was coming (hopefully that’s not the case with an infant!).

Imagine if you ordered the following items and were told they weren’t going to arrive for 9 months:

New HD TV set – you could miss all but 1 month of the entire football and baseball seasons combined. And your TV would be either obsolete or available at Best Buy for half the price.

New Car – you’d waste a lot of money taking public transportation in those 9 months. And the new model would already be out.

Video Game – the sequel might be out before you have time to beat the game

New Computer – see new TV set. And you’ll have to put fantasy sports on a 1-year hiatus

Red Hot Rookie Redemption – The new season is a month+ old. The players are no longer rookies, much less “Red Hot”! The next year’s Series 2 is almost out, so you can basically buy the box to procure the equivalent card for next year, and start the silly cycle again.

You see where I’m going – how can this possibly be good business, good customer service, etc? Additionally, if the cardmaker can’t figure a way to send it faster than 9 months, shouldn’t they at least let the expiration go further than June, 2011? Anyways, until then, I’ll wait in anticipation of receiving the “Red Hot 2nd year slumper”.

Or in my case, the “Rehabbing 2nd year question mark”.



One response

24 10 2010
Chris Mays

I can understand, maybe, if it were an autographed redemption, but to have to wait that long for what is basically just a regular card seems absurd. Maybe Topps will surprise you and the card will show up sooner. I mean, I wouldn’t hold my breath or anything.

I’ve got a batch of 82s I’ll drop in the mail for you tomorrow.

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