Topps Million – the rest

18 10 2010

My next two cards after Larkin were both subsets of the same player and the same set:

An interesting combo thus far. Adding in the Larkin card from the last post – that’s 3 cards, 2 Hall-of-Fame caliber players, all from sets that were completely overproduced. I guess it’s better than pulling, say, the Lance Parrish all-star from ’87? At a minimum – Topps has me intrigued, but I’m worried I’m going to pull a bunch of cards I’ll end up seeing in a few months when I get to 1987 or 1989 in my set project! Next 2 cards changed that a bit:

2 cards from 1972 Topps! And another Red! Albeit one I’ve never heard of, but it’s pretty exciting to pull a card that’s 38 years old! I have no idea who Bob Barton is either, but I’m guessing he’s not a Red, because he looks like a Catcher, and Johnny Bench was playing 145 games a year in the early ’70’s. The last Series 1 card was also a 70’s card:

On to Series 2 – the first card was ’68 and made me pretty excited, but then I recognized the ’68 Rookie Stars subset also included a certain pitcher who now owns the Texas Rangers. Too bad I didn’t get him; I bet Topps bought back a few more of this card than that one! Still I went on a run of 3 cards from the 60’s, 1 from the 70’s and then got another ’72 card. Then, I got a 1958 card (I’m just stoked to get a card from the 50’s)!

I was really expecting a ’52 card the way trends were going, but instead, I pulled another 87 card, this time an actual Hall-of-Famer:



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