10/10/10 – The weekend I saw all my teams live, and they all lost

16 10 2010

I’ve been wanting to post this, but haven’t got around to it. Maybe it’s because of the trauma, but more likely because I was lazy in uploading photos. Anyways, last weekend I flew home from New Jersey to Cincinnati. It was quite the sports weekend in Cincy.

First, on Saturday night, the Cincinnati Bearcats hosted the Miami Redhawks in the oldest rivalry in Division I-A Football, the Victory Bell. Of course, in this one I was rooting for my alma mater the Redskins (OK, sorry, Redhawks).

Next, on Sunday afternoon, the Bengals hosted the Buccaneers in a must-win, should-win, inter-conference game.

Finally, on Sunday night, the Reds played their first home playoff game in 15 years, trying to stave off elimination against 2008 World Series MVP Cole Hamels.

These things did not go so well for me. But at least it was a fun weekend:




2 responses

17 10 2010

Sorry to hear about the losses… but three games in two days is awesome… I’ve done two games in one day… but not three in two. One of my favorite things about going to games is the food… did you chow down at all three games?

17 10 2010

I use to always get Cincinnati chili before going to Bengals games when I’d drive down from Columbus – so I did the same, getting Gold Star chili before the Bengals game. Also had some LaRosa’s Pizza – another Cincy chain – at the Reds game for dinner. They also had funnel fries, which is like funnel cake only in french fry stick format. So all in all, a lot of good, unhealthy food watching all my teams lose.

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