Reds Magic Number update

14 09 2010

Also, I went to the US Open Final yesterday. I’m not the biggest tennis fan, and definitely not a Nadal fan, but any time I’ve got a chance to see some history I try to do so. It was my first tennis match ever – pretty sweet being in the Arthur Ashe stadium (except for the rain delay). It’s like you are in a bubble and the outside world doesn’t exist – all you see is the sky, the fans, and the court.

Still left on my New York sports to-do list – anyone have some suggestions to add? (anyone suggesting the Nets will be filtered as SPAM!, at least until they move from Newark to Brooklyn):

  • New Yankee Stadium (running out of time this year)
  • Meadowlands (going to see the Bengals in November)
  • Madison Square and the Knicks (I really hope they get ‘Melo – I would likely turn into a Knicks fan if they do)
  • July 4th Hot dog eating contest (OK, I will probably never actually do this, so maybe just going to Coney Island will suffice)
  • Old Timers’ game (done at old Yankee Stadium)
  • Brooklyn Cyclones game (done before I )
  • U.S. Open Tennis Final
  • Mets game at Citi Field (and a Reds win to boot)
  • Barclays golf tournament



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