First (sort of) trade! And more sports thoughts…

11 09 2010

Big time thanks to Chris from for sending me some ’80 and ’81 Topps cards! I’m updating my checklist today, and I’ll look through some of my other stuff to see if I’ve got anything I can send you back.

Also, I guess I mentioned the start of the NFL season being a great day, but I was probably a little overzealous with 2nd best day of the year. Just about any College Football Saturday is great, today may be the best we have all year! This has changed since they moved some bowl games back, but New Years Day is still the one of the best days of the year for me. Waking up (hangover in tow) to watch Bowl Games for 12 straight hours is as much fun as I can think of.

The Reds got back off the snide last night despite Cordero blowing a 3-1 lead in the 9th, not even finishing the inning, and in general continuing his overall shakiness. That said, we’re back to 6 up on the evil Cardinals. Go Blue, help run that Cincy traitor B. Kelly out of South Bend! And Who Dey for tomorrow!




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