Been a while…

5 07 2010

I’m still kind of getting settled in Jersey, and I’ve been all over the place for work, so I haven’t been able to update much yet or work on my Topps project. I actually have opened a non-Topps box (SP from 2005) and I’ve bought some Jalen Rose cards – so I’m still working a bit on my other collections. Hopefully I can get to 1981 Topps sometime soon.

My trips have gotten me to some Major League cities, though! I’ve been to 4 parks thus far – Rangers, Braves, Red Sox and Mets. 4 parks – neither of which is Great American, which is crazy for me! The Braves was the only new city for me, though seeing the Mets at Citi Field was the first time I’d seen them. Going to Fenway was awesome – that’s the best park in baseball for my money. The wife and I are going to Citi again tonight, to see the Reds take on the Mets and protect their first-place status! See some pics below…



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