Great tip!!!!!

19 04 2010

Handcollated gave me a great tip to try for the wax residue – rubbing the gunk off with pantyhose. It was a little time-consuming, as there were 36 cards with this type of stain – the first card of each pack. But it was worth it – this trick definitely worked! This is a helpful idea; originally, I’d thought I’d have 2 bad cards out of 15. The gum stain is still something that will be a problem on 1 card per pack – those cards are ruined on the back. But at least now I’ve got 14 good cards per 15-card pack.

This netted me 27 additional cards toward my set completion (9 of the formerly-gunky cards were doubles). I’ve adjusted the numbers per my previous post to account for this, and I’m updating the completion percentage. Next step is to open the vending box I bought, but it might be until next week until I can do this.

Thanks again to handcollated!!!




One response

19 04 2010

No problem. Like I said, I’ve never actually tried it and I’m glad to hear that it worked.

Good luck on the set. I’d love to hear how much you paid for that vending box and where you got it from. I’ve always had that itch in the back of my mind…

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