Pictures – 1980 Topps box

10 04 2010

OK, finished opening the box. Overall, pretty good pulls – I got the Henderson, which is the key card. It’s in really good shape (no gum stain, sharp overall), except it’s probably 60/40 centered. Overall, though, I’m pretty happy since I pulled it on the 3rd to last pack, and was thinking I wasn’t going to get a Rickey! Also got the Nolan Ryan, the Pete Rose, and the second year Ozzie Smith. Mike Schmidt, Eddie Murray, and George Brett are the biggest names I missed out on. See some scans attached:

The three best cards in the set, all in somewhat decent condition!

Here’s the different subsets in the set – Future Star triples, Batting Leaders, 1979 Highlights, and Manager/Team Checklists.

I liked these cards, because they showed some of the more interesting haircuts of the day. And because there was a red-headed dude named Mike Tyson. I bet he really hated his parents for giving him that name a few years after this set came out…

These guys are all more famous for reasons other than their baseball playing careers.

3 feared hitters. I love the picture of Hawk – one of the better ones in this set, which tends to be poses that don’t seem very genuine. Dawson and Rice are both recent HOFers who waited their turn to get in, but if you ask me, were both very deserving.

Three more recognizable players, all 3 photos that I kind of enjoyed.

Members of the 500-HR club. As mentioned, I didn’t pull the other two guys in this set – Murray and Schmidt.

At this point in time, these guys were probably considered the best players at their position, or at least upcoming prospects. Whitaker isn’t even on the HOF ballot any more, and Trammell and Murphy hardly get their fair share of votes. I think all 3 should be in, hopefully some of them will eventually get some love from the veteran’s committee. For now, they’ll have to be happy with mention in my blog.

8 of the 9 Big Red Machines. The middle 3 all wearing different uniforms. Seeing Perez in the Expos uniform just looks weird. Missing only Joe Morgan (who I believe will be in a Phillies uni for this set). Nope – looked it up, still with the Reds, and I actually missed a couple stops in between. Here’s his card and the one other BRM card (Pete Rose Highlight).

So that’s it for now. Need to go through and figure out how much of the set I filled, etc. It didn’t seem like I got as many doubles as I would have expected for 1980 collation.



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