Rules of engagement

14 03 2010

I’ve established my goal – collect every Topps card since 1980. So the next thing are some general rules/guidelines I’m going to try to follow.

First rule – I’m going to go in chronological order. For each set year, I’m going to buy one wax box. For the first decade-plus, there aren’t multiple series, and one box will net me 540 cards. Less any doubles (and there will be plenty, I’m sure), there will still be at least 300 cards or more left. How I accumulate those remaining cards in the set will vary. Mostly, I may buy a second vending box, other than that, I’ll try to trade.

Second rule – I’ll have some level of a budget. I’ve got somewhat of an idea of how much I want to spend each month, and I’ve already bought the wax box for the 1980 set. This may be adjusted month to month; for example, the 1980 box is more than my budget for one month – so that’s going toward the first box. When I get to the late 80’s – I may scale back and not open 10 boxes that month. We’ll see how it goes. I’m not overly worried about how much I spend from what I pull out of the boxes – if I spend more than high Beckett I won’t be ticked off. The point is to have fun, but I need to be a little careful what I spend.

Third rule – I’ve want to have some level of completion on the previous set until I move on to the next set. It may take a little while to get the last few cards of the set, so this percentage won’t be 100%, but it will probably around 90. I think? Anyways, the point is to make this fun, so I’ll see how it goes.

Another thing to note – the main idea is to collect the main set. When I get into the 90’s,  I’ll start getting insert sets in the packs I buy. I may decide to collect some of those, we’ll see about that when the time comes. For now, that’s about 13 years of Topps away.

Anyways, I’ve ordered and received the first box, 1980. Hoping for a pristine Rickey Henderson (or 4). I’m out of town for work and get back Tuesday, but still pretty busy with work right now (I’m an accountant, so this is busy times). I’ll try to get to opening next weekend, maybe while watching some NCAA hoops. Looking forward to it.



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21 07 2010
1981 Topps Overview « Lifetime Topps project

[…] Now that I’m above 90% complete on the first set of my collection, I’m allowed (per the Rules of Engagement) to move on to 1981. Here’s an overview of that […]

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